This week was the last week before the University shuts down for the holiday period. Although people are starting to head home, I have been lucky and had several participants show up. So, I am nearly halfway to getting the number of participants I need. I just hope the interest remains high in January.

The week moved fast with lots of different things being tackled before the end of the year. I found out about several articles I had submitted. Some of the news was good, some bad. But I’m satisfied with the overall results. It will keep me busy in January while waiting for participants.

I was looking forward to taking the plane to Bergen on Friday, and I was checking the temperature to make sure that things weren’t freezing and not beginning to snow. But the weather was not going to add drama to the flight home this time. Instead, there were drones hovering around London Gatwick airport that was the extra spice for traveling. I found out about this on Thursday before lunch and by the time I had gotten back from lunch and checked the internet, full chaos had arrived at Gatwick.

It was difficult to concentrate on work when you were so unsure what was going to happen, but my flight remained scheduled on Friday. I eventually figured it was no good to continue looking at the news and instead went out for dinner. It was a nice break, but I still kept checking the status.

I woke up early on Friday and the flight status was still positive. So, I figured I just had to proceed as if the plane was going to fly. By the time I had boarded the train, the airport was letting planes take off and land. After some delay, I was on a plane heading towards Bergen, and in the evening I was on a boat towards Stord for the Christmas. Overall, though, I count myself lucky that I was not severely affected other than a less productive day at work.

Anyway, now it’s Christmas and New Year’s in Norway. No blog entry for the coming week. Enjoy the holiday season!